Video Collection

Candle Flame Meditation is a guided journey that embraces the serene dance of a candle flame to lead practitioners into inner tranquility. Through focused gazing and synchronized breath, it fosters mindfulness, stillness, and a sense of unity with the flame's gentle movements. This meditation cultivates a luminous space for self-discovery and inner peace.

Embark on a soothing journey through grief, led by experienced guide Cy Sorensen. This meditation fosters acceptance, connecting with emotions and memories while nurturing inner strength. Discover solace and renewal amidst the healing power of mindfulness.

Embark on a serene cosmic journey guided by Cy Sorensen, immersing yourself in the boundless universe. Through visualization, embrace your profound connection with stars, planets, and galaxies, cultivating inner peace and eternal interconnectedness. Return with newfound wisdom, carrying the universe's light within you.

Immerse yourself in Finding Peace on the Beach led by Cy Sorensen, where the soothing sounds of waves and seagulls guide you to a tranquil mental beachscape. Through breath synchronization and imagery, experience worries dissipate as they're carried away by seagulls, replaced by a radiant inner peace, leaving you refreshed and harmonious. This meditation offers a serene escape for relaxation and stress relief.

Embark on a serene journey with AI Victoria Harrington's Walking Meditation: Finding Peace in Every Step. This guided practice seamlessly weaves mindful breath and synchronized steps, fostering a profound connection to your body and surroundings. Uncover tranquility in motion as you cultivate gratitude, shed distractions, and embrace the present moment.

Energize your mornings with AI Victoria Harrington's guided meditation, infusing gratitude into your day's start. Through soothing guidance, embrace a renewed sense of energy and thankful awareness, setting a positive tone for the day ahead. Let Harrington's expertise lead you to awaken both your body and spirit, ready to embrace the opportunities of the new day.